Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Scream

Ever seen the painting "The Scream?" Great painting, interesting and apparently my kid has the same sense of humor. While going through the first trimester screening for Down Syndrome I mentioned that I was concerned that my kid had only one arm and why the hell does my kid have only one fricking arm? So the Doctor changed the view by moving the wand around and gave me a top shot of the bean. The bean looks like the Scream doesnt the bean?

After about 20 minutes of poking around the Doc couldn't get the bean behave and play nice for the camera. So he starts poking my belly, literally poking it trying to get the bean to move and roll over. The bean didn't like this one bit and after about 5 minutes of poking the bean got pissed. I'm watching the screen and I see this little arm go up towards the end of the screen and it started banging on the ceiling! The bean was beating back at the doc smacking him around with the U/S wand. I guess this is a true tribute to my Irish heritage!

So our bean is good. The tests came back very good. We have a 1 in 4223 chance of the bean having Downs and a 1 in 9661 chance of the bean having an extra chromozone. So we are skipping the amnio - things look good!


Cole said...

Bean is like it's mommy!!! But we already knew that! Hugs!

Aaron said...

It's a good thing the tests came back OK. Have you been reading all the books?

Those tests you took hae been known to generate a high number of false positives, which of course scares the heck out of any mother-to-be.

For what it's worth, if there is something wrong with your pregancy you'll probably know about it. Don't be afraid to call the doctor in the middle of the night if something seems odd. Even though nothing was really wrong, I don't regret our midnight trip to the hospitol on Christmas night.

Tracy said...

I never took the tests b/c of the false positives Aaron mentioned (my aunt spent 6 months freaked out b/c of her results and my cousin is fine). I did have U/S done and my oldest one looked right at the "screen" that way too. My oldest is the first grandchild on my side so my mom was showing the picture we gave her to everyone and his brother LOL She was a nanny for a family at the time and the 5 year old looked at her and said "Is your daughter having an alien baby?" ROFLOL! He was so serious it was cute!

I'm glad things look good!

Kbear said...

Always a good feeling to see your bean. I am so happy for you! You just don't know. My little guy turns 6 tomorrow, so cherish every moment. Cuz it sure flies by.

Household6 said...

Ahhh yes the false positives. I am a total nerd. I have read a million books and spent a good 15 minutes alone grilling the Geneticist as to the EXACT statistics on the 1st trimester screening. I think I spent more time and asked more questions of the Geneticist than any of his other patients - ever.

This exam is waaaay more accurate than the tripple screen. The Geneticist pretty much told me to blow off the triple screening because of the false positives. The triple screening goes off of blood work alone. Where the 1st trimester screening also includes measuring a skin fold in the baby's neck & at around 26 weeks they will do a baby echocardiogram which is another indicator for Downs should the kiddo have it.

So I have more faith in this test and know that should the doc want to do the AFP portion of the triple screening that to be guarded about the results. Besides that I did ask about the false positive results and the AFP portion is only 5% which is slightly high but if you have a basic knowledge of statistics you can put in into persepective.

We are good though, thanks for the insight of prior Mommy & Daddy Tales - they are always welcome.

Army Wife said...

prayers continue, bless that little one!!