Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oh boy, oh boy!

Today was the first U/S that the hubby got to attend. I made the dumb mistake of following directions and drank all 40 oz of my water. The destructions said to start one hour before your appointment and sadly I followed this too. (You see where this is going right?)

So we arrive at 12:20 and our appointment is at 12:30. As we wait, the urge to go is getting worse and worse. I have unbuttoned the top of my pants and have started pacing the room to kill the urge. At 12:40 we are still waiting. I lean over to the hubby and tell him that I am going to go and will be right back. "Don't go too much!" he says as I wander out of the office into the hall. I was good and didn't go more than just relieve the instant pressure.

It's now 12:50 and I am back to pacing, dancing the pee-pee dance and whimpering to the hubby. He sees a front staff member and says, "Um are we almost ready to go, otherwise we are going to have a mess here." They let me go again for a little bit in their bathroom. Finally at about 12:55 the U/S Tech comes to get me. We go through the primary exam and she keeps commenting about how full my bladder is, finally after about 15 minutes of poking my full tummy I tartly say that this is starting to get really uncomfortable. I get to go pee and I promise you it was for at least a minute!

The hubby had a great time; he got to see the face, the head, the spine, the ribs, the feet, arms etc. He watched the baby squirm, roll over and make faces at us for being poked so much. We then get our first look between the legs and there's an outtie there. Strangely I was crestfallen. I tried to hide that but the hubby saw right away and asked how often mistakes are made. As the test goes on and she's measuring bones, head diameter etc, the little booger arches his back and we get a full frontal view of just what the boy's got. My husband whispers in my ear, "Holy crap the kid is channeling Ron Jeremy!"

Finally the exam is over, I get to go pee again and we were seen by the OB. I was so tired and cranky that I kept my unrealized disappointment to myself. I thought maybe I needed to nap to be excited. I ate my Sonic and passed out on the couch. A few hours later I woke only to feel okay. I was really ashamed of myself for feeling so unhappy that it wasn't a girl. I said out loud to everybody that I didn't care what it was as long as the baby was healthy. Well apparently I lied even to myself. I am finally excited that we are having a boy and all the cool things a boy will bring our life!

I still feel a little guilty about my reaction to the news and wonder why I was so ambivalent about what the gender was until it wasn't apparently what I subconsciously wanted. Hopefully I didn't scar the bean for life with my strange thoughts.


Aaron said...

We should've warned you about the water! The same thing happened with us and everyone we know. They must do that as a prank.

Don't feel bad about having a boy. They seem to be going around, lately. You just caught the bug, too.

Cole said...

The funny thing is...I think you would have been crestfallen either way. I think there is a extreme pressure on us preggers to say healthy...I don't care. But there are pros and cons to both sexs. If they had said girl, you might have had the same reaction, since it was not the boy to carry the family name. I think there is no winning with horemones! Hugs!

Tracy said...

Cole is right~you may have had that reaction either way!

Boys are a lot of fun (I have 2). I absolutely love being the Mommy to boys. If you ever want to chat about boys or pick my brain just email me.

I will tell you this~there is a trick to changing little boys diapers. If you leave their plumbing hanging out in the cool air too long they will squirt you! Guaranteed! I always put the new diaper under the old one, undid the old one, pulled it out quick and slapped the front of the diaper over his parts quickly! LOL I learned the hard way! And my oldest actually squirted himself in the face once! :o)