Sunday, December 31, 2006

Other than Sadaam's sentence being carried out there hasn't been much for me to blog about. I am stuck eating things with milk. The bean wants milk products - cereal, yogurt, cheese, etc. I also keep having the crazist dreams. Just weird off the wall crap with today being the first dream that was actually scary.

I dreamt that I was with my hubby, our friend's daughter and the dog in a house that wasn't mine but was mine. Next thing we knew there were tornado sirens so we headed towards the shelter when I remembered the daughter and I didn't have shoes so I went up to get the shoes and the section of the pier fell out from under me and I plummeted to the water below. The hubby was saying "I knew that was going to happpen." Apparently the people running the tornado drill did this stuff on purpose to keep people from going back to the house. I woke as I was falling towards the water with my heart pounding like I had just finished a marathon.

Earlier in the night I was caught in a major flood with a lady named Daisy that I worked with when I was in high school. Nothing scary on that one, but the weird dreams on weird crap have been going on all month.

So the boring pregnant lady craves dairy and has completely off the wall dreams. See what I mean about not being worth blogging about?

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