Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I'll take Oncologists for $500, please

Knowing a little bit about health care can be a bad thing. Trying to call and make an appt with a specialty doc today became another case of being a total and utter act of frution. First the doc they referred me to doesn't work at the clinic number they gave me. The staff there was nice and gave me another doc at the clinic that could see me and accepts Tricare, etc.

I call the referral folks and they are leary about changing docs because they are different specialties. I called the specialty clinic back telling them that I need to speak with my regular doc because of the specialty differences. This errupted into a conversation of what exactly I need. (I have had an elevated white count and differentials for two years, a pathologist says something looks infectious but that was about as descriptive as he got.) Then I find out my referred doc is a Radiology Oncologist where the doc the specialty clinic recommended is a Medical Oncologist. Tricare has them listed as something totally different than what the clinic says they are functional in. So who do I trust the clinic that deals with these docs every day and knows what they learned in school or what Tricare has online and via the referral help number?

So I had to put a call into my doc via her nurse to find out which specialty she wants. Because if she's sending me off to see someone with radiation experience only, "Wiskey Tango Foxtrot" will not be the only thing I say before asking when did I miss the cancer diagnosis?? (Don't go freaking out yet, my other differentials bits are totally normal, just my neutrophils are high.)

I just get frustrated that I know the difference between the two types of Oncologists but apparently Tricare doesn't even have them listed in the specialties they actually have.


Tracy said...

Dealing with insurance can give you a big old headache in about 30 seconds flat!! Been there, done that~don't want the t-shirt. LOL

In between pregnancy one and pregnancy two I found out I had a blood clotting disorder (I clot slow). hmmmmm could be why I hemorrhaged after birth #1?? Anyway, while pg. with #2 I needed to see a hemotologist. Unfortunately, we had an HMO at the time and I had to get a referral to see him. No biggie, except referrals expire after 3 months. So, I had to get 4 referrals (post-partum appointment too) so frustrating.

My hemotologist just happens to be an Oncologist too. So, imagine me, sitting in the waiting room 8 months pregnant. Everyone was giving me these really sad looks. I wanted to wear a sign "I do not have cancer. I am praying for YOU"

I will be praying for you as you get all this worked out and find out what is up.

Household6 said...

Yeah that's the issue Tracy, one kind of onocologist deals mainly with radiation thearapies which what I have my current referral with, but I have a blood issue. On top of that Tricare's records have the radiation oncologist in the system as a medical oncologist when that's not her specialty.

I got the confirmation from my doc that I need the medical oncologist and will have to deal with the referrals folks tomorrow.

Thanks for the prayers but I've had it for over two years and I'm still alive and kicking. My OB suggested that the cyst on my ovary could cause this issue as well as if I have endo in my pelvic cavity.

I want to ask about malaria because it can hide out in your liver and grow at a later date. I've googled and there are several blood disorders it could be and they will probably take a look at my organs to make sure I don't have one that's harboring infection that my doc can't see with the naked eye.