Monday, December 04, 2006

Holiday Cheer

There are so many places and people of which could use a little help this time of year. Here are a few places that could use some help during this time of year and supports Service Members:

AnySoldier - Great place go, go now!

Soldier's Angels Germany - Willie in Germany is a doll. I've emailed a few times with her and this time of year they are looking for warm weather gear usually. New clothes like sweats, sweatshirts, gloves, hats, PJ bottoms, and T-shirts are great. They should be new and in sizes L, XL or XXL. She can always use ladies gear too. If you can't send clothes backpacks are another good thing to send them. As their goal is to give a backpack filled with goodies when an injured Service Member arrives at Landstuhl.

Holidays 4 Heros - This is another Soldier's Angels program called Holiday for heros. Please read the link for the specifics but either way just about anything ran by Soldier's Angels ROCKS!

USO - Need I say more? Its the USO! Hey any celebs read my blog go volunteer to go on a USO tour, okay? Hell even Jessica Simpson did and well I don't like her much but she went at least.

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julie anna said...

Thanks for posting these. I'm going to need some extra things to keep me busy for awhile and the Soldiers Angels is a great place to start. And thanks for visiting my blog :)