Sunday, December 17, 2006

Brunch sickness, Kiddos.....And the Spice must flow!

Other than what Centcom has sent me, I haven't really been in much of a blogger mood lately. I've finally started to suffer from morning sickness. But mine seems to be brunch sickness - it comes during the brunch hour 10:30 to some where around 11:30 and only seems to depart after I eat something - a lot of something. I will be really happy when this part of preggo life is over. Oh and I want my boobs back. Yeah, my boobs not these gigantic things attached to me. I've always had a decent sized rack, but this is getting quite silly. I'd just rather have my boobs until the bean needs the oversized, clown like boobies I am stuck with at the moment.

Yesterday the DH and I spent the day roaming around the one of two decent shopping centers in Toto-town. After a small preggo freak out where I needed to be fed and was with Mickie D's we went and saw Apocalipto. The movie was pretty good. It was well filmed, visually pretty (The jungle is beautiful) and definately kept our interest. It was of course also very, very violent and full of gore. What we couldn't figure out was why this couple thought it was a brillant idea to bring their 5, 3, and 1 1/2 year old kids to this movie. Uhmmm, yep that's right some morons brough their kids to watch Mayan's get sacraficed and roll their head down the temple steps. Of course the eldest had to talk through most of the movie but hey we couldn't get too mad right? Being that Mel decided to write it in Mayan anyways, we just had to read the subtitles.

Even with my brunch sickness my love of curries, spice, Thai, Indian, wasabii, still exists. Yummm, the spice must flow! The bean likes spicey food and I like the bean for that! While I drooled over the DH's sushi and I had my little california roll just to satisfy the urge, I chose this great little dish at the Japanese place we go to. They are more like an all Asian place, but their main food is Sushi & Hibachi and the owner is Japanese. Either way I found a Thai dish with curry, coconut milk, peppers, onions and chicken all over rice. I blatantly refused to share, much to my husband's dismay. It was nice and spicey and really good. I am still really frustrated at having to give up beer, wine, coffee, most sushi, feta, brie and anything else that can give me food born cooties or harm the kiddo. I am still following the rules but dang the rules suck some days.

At least the little turkey likes spice....and the spice MUST FLOW!


Aaron said...

My Kelly is also looking forward to the day when she can eat raw fish again.

Jen said...

I always had a healthy rack as well. I thought they couldn't get any bigger than they did during pregnancy, then the milk came in after delivering. I woke up that morning feeling like a was hit by a truck- they had gotten so big- my whole body hurt! Now- huge, but the equivalent to rocks-in-socks. Or should I say boulders-in-socks?

Tracy said...

oh booooy do I know what you are talking about. When you start out as a D cup where do you go from there??!! DD that's where. And barely fitting in that.

My cousin got married when my oldest was 3 months old. I had on a really cute sleeveless summer dress.

I was looking at the pictures a year later and my whole upper body was my boobs!! I looked at my hubby and asked "I really looked like that??" He just gave me this look like "I am sooooo not answering that!!" Smart man!!

And Jen is right, you ain't seen nothin' yet. The last month of pregnancy and when your milk comes in~you will be shocked.

Now, maybe my situation is different there b/c I had enough milk to feed triplets LOL so you may not have such a dramatic change.

Okay, way TMI in this response, but oh well :o)