Thursday, November 02, 2006

You've got what?

Oh man I nearly peed my pants last night watching Grey's Anatomy! George was going off on the patient with two uteruses and it had me in stitches. He kept repeating "You have two uteruses?" over and over to just about anyone he could find. It was an all too familiar experience for me last December while trying to figure out what a spot was on my cervix.

That was just about the exact same response as my doc in Germany when he thought I had two uteruses. Just imagine a guy with his head between your legs, the chaperone just to the right, the drape, the lovely feeling of being in a vunerable state and him saying, "Oh THIS is so cool! It looks like there's a second opening, yeah. Really, I think there's a second opening. Oh man this is so cool, I think you have two uteruses!"

I am so glad I have a sense of humor or I might have beaned the man square on his head while he was jones-ing over the possibility of making the cover of the next month's JAMA. So seeing George last night running around jones-ing over the two uteruses case just had me laughing, poor patient and glad it wasn't me.

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