Monday, November 06, 2006

Speaking of old icons...

Does anyone know of or willing to part with the Voice Farm self-titled album on Ralph Records?

I had it a LONG time ago and someone snaked it from me. I even saw them in S.F. in high school...which has a funny story to go with it - my boyfriend's car got towed. I asked if we could call my dad - he got all independent on me and we took the bus to the impound yard. They wanted like $75 to release the car and there were no ATMs around and we were in the crappy part of the city. Finally I ignored him (the boyfriend) and asked the impound guy if I could call my dad on his phone. I did and my dad wanted to give a credit card but the impound guy couldn't take it over the phone. So at like 2 in the morning my dad drove into the city, found the impound yard and freed the boyfriend's car. I went home with my dad.

I really, really miss that album and it's been outta print for eons. I am really in a Voice Farm mood too.

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