Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Life is rough

My doggie dear had a hard time at the groomer yesterday. With the in-laws coming, the every so smelly hundie needed to be made presentable. I left her for the whole day, giving her romp time in the day care center. When I returned at the end of the day I hear that I won't be charged for day care as she lasted 2 minutes before being taken out.

While speaking to the groomer about brushes for her undercoat the day care warden came in to tell me what happened. Apparently the little miss got there later than the rest of the swarm of doggies and missed the mutual butt sniff. She got cornered by a gang of 5 labs who all wanted to smell her who-ha as the same time and she freaked. According to the warden:

"Normally labs are just you know stupid dogs, but these ganged up and tried to smell her all at once. Unfortunately she became nervous and started biting the labs in an effort to get free."

I stare at my little 40lbs pup, and almost started laughing picturing this little waif biting the crap outta a gang of 90lbs labs running around the play yard doing an Over the Hedge "Plaaay? Play, Play, playyyyy!"

She came home and racked out on the couch, exhausted from her ordeal....

1 comment:

Cole said...

Is there no honor for our girlie? I mean REALLY! I find this appalling behavior on the boys parts! I will never own a lab by choice in her honor!