Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My turn now...

So AWTM was having so much fun at the Vagina Whisperer that I thought I'd go too. For the last year I have had a lovely pain in my side (well lower, er my groin). This is the same pain I told the doc about in December but he brushed it off as a swollen lymph node.

Well I've had this for a year now - so I went back to a doc now that we are settled. As we pulled apart my medical records that were slapped back together like crap because they were pissed that asked the clinic commander to give me a copy I wasn't able to find the materials about my lack of a double uterus. Since this was a girl okay woman I basically stripped and got to go through the joys of a pelvic. She took a number of swabs and I asked what each one was for. I also asked about my friable cervix - she was concerned about that when no one else has been.

She thinks I have had a mild infection for the last frickin' year. Which of course would make my 'oven' inhospitable to the baby making process. It could explain why we have being trying for 8 or so months with no luck. Can't say that I am not surprised. The docs overseas seemed to be overwhelmed and more interested in handing you the standard 'Ranger Candy' and sending you out the door. It is nice to have a doc that is civilian (which means she wont PCS in 1 1/2 years). She has good experience (I asked) and since there were plenty of docs here she could take the time she needed to actually listen to me....Even when I sat there telling her about my concerns and me throwing out different diagnoses due to symptoms, or lack there of.

The bad news is that I get a pelvic ultrasound and with the meds she's put me on we can't try for a baby at all this month. For good reason of course, strong antibiotics and then a pregnancy would be so bad for the health of the baby. Oh and my ovulation predictor kit showed up, damn gremlins couldn't have returned it earlier??

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Army Wife said...

keep practicing, and insist they help you!!!

"mild infection" for a yar...holy crap