Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ummm hey mister can I have a job?

So I was given the directive to blog more as now I have a ton of free time on my hands. Even with all this free time I haven't been feeling all that bloggy. Things are picking up here though in the sense that we've been doing a few more things than normal.

I met the school commondant last night. He is a 3 star general but apparently feined (he may have been genuine I'm just being a brat) interest in my graduate studies. While chatting to the same friend that ordered me to blog her smart remark she madewas that I should have said to the general something along the lines about why I don't have a frickin' job yet. I did mention that I am jobless but in a little more politically correct fashion. When speaking about my graduate work his wife mentioned that she hoped I would find a job comiserate to my degree. I then mentioned how I worked as a GS-11 in Germany and hope to quickly find a position comiserate to my prior position. He seemed amused about the conversation.

What did turn out to be more fun was at the end of the little meeting party dealiebobber as we were given the directive to start exiting, I cracked a joke to the person asking me to leave - " Uh so can I shout FIRE and see what happens?" Needless to say he was less than amused. Before he wandered off I noticed he was a LTC opps and didn't have much of a sense of humor. I still thought the joke was funny.

So we left our little shindig with my hubby going did you really telling him you wanted a job? I am just not the Army Wife I am supposed to be...I'm a little punk who likes to joke with 3 star generals about not having a job.

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