Monday, August 28, 2006


The hubby swears this place must be jinxed.

  • He buys a craft table to work on models it's missing half the parts.
  • We get our car only to have a hit and run in the Home Depot 4 hours later.
  • All the doors in this place have bolt locks on them that need to be removed.
  • The shelves of our furniture go missing (but were finally brought to us by the carrier).

The list goes on but then there was last night...Its been raining a crap load around here. Sadly our basement floods. Floods really bad. It comes in one window, travels under the wannabe wall into his model making room, under a second wall into the main basement, behind the washer and dryer and then finally down the drain.

What was even more fun was that the harder it rained then it started coming in through a second window and of course finally started trickling in the from the third window. I called the service folks who told me he'd put me on a list but that there was nothing they could do for me right then. All of his model boxes are wet, we moved them to a different part of the basement. Luckily I read some where that folks might get damp in the basement and shouldn't leave anything on the floor. So other than his models nothing else got wet.

We still have standing water in the basement this morning so I will be giving the service folks another call to ensure they come out here and fix this. Why? Oh maybe because there is a hurricane on the coast and will end up sending more of this evil rain our way.

So is this house jinxed or what?

ETA: I called and apparently they do have my name and address. The sad part was as I spoke to the lady telling her my situation I heard a little gasp. You know that "Oh shit" gasp. I commented that she had already been yelled at this morning. She sniffled and said yes. I promised her I wouldn't yell but wanted to verify that our work order existed. She was so happy that I didn't take her head off. Poor lady, its taken me what 34 years to learn how to direct my anger to the right person - the work order clerk isn't it. I really hope she has a better day than how its started.


LorelieLong said...

Heehee, the clerk still cried 'cause of you. ;) Just teasing, not your fault.

cole said...

if the basement was filling with blood, i would say you have a jinxed this case, i think it is just that you are not here!

MQ said...

Oh lordy the car thing would really piss me off. But I'm glad you went easy on the clerk, I don't even bother with people who I know can't help me or are not responsible for the problem. Good luck!