Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Last days to Travel - London

With the stress of the move taking a toll on my stomach our weekend trip to London was well timed. The city is awesome, nice people, great food but horribly expensive (even for a DINK family like ourselves). After the second day we stopped converting to dollars because it was killing us to pay $30 for a basic breakfast.

On our first day we hit Piccadilly Circus which is a pretty cool intersection, Trafalgar Square (Nelson was being cleaned and had scaffolding on the statue) and then went to the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace. We didn’t get to see the whole thing as I well, our little group of people at the barrier were great. We didn’t squish; we let people’s kids in front of us at the barricade, etc. A few kids went over the barricade which was okay too since they were short. One teenager even took your camera put it through the fence took a few photos and passed it back – cool folks in general. Then these two bits of Euro Trash wandered behind the barricade and stood there. One man says in Italian that he’d been standing there for three hours and they needed to move. They were Italian as well looked at him shrugged and turned back around. She turned around halfway through and looked in my direction. I also stated we had been waiting for 1 ½ hours and they were now blocking me. She said “No comprendo.” Um okay well first off that’s Spanish, they are Italian. So my knee jerk reaction? Told her screw you in Italian. Her eyes widened and she said “thank you” in perfect English. I went off in Spanish, made fun of her hair what ever I could think of and she again said “No comprendo.” Again I said screw you in Italian, her and her spouse started talking in Italian something to the extent that she thought it was funny I could say that. My spouse is pinching my arm asking me to stop so I stopped short of calling her several nasty local Sicilian dialect names. We left shortly after since they refused to move. They were trash, they wouldn’t even move for fellow Italians or for the kids that they were blocking – it was all about them. Our little section was great, kind to others etc and then they had to ruin it all.

The rest of the trip was great. We had Sushi at one of those sushi bars that have the little conveyer belt going round and the most wonderful Indian food I have ever had in my whole life. DK travel books have really good restaurant recommendations if you ever use their book. Of course we saw West Minster Abbey, Big Ben, House of Parliament, The Tower & Tower Bridge. We also went to the Imperial War Museum which was really cool and the British Museum. Yep, we saw the Rosetta stone.

So other than it costing half my salary to pay for food and the idiots at Buckingham, it was a super trip!


monique said...

"our weekend trip to London" how cool is that!!

Cole said...

I am going to so stand in front of you at the 4th of July parade this year. Hell, I might stand in front of you when you try to watch tv. The posibilities abound! HE HE HE!