Monday, May 22, 2006

What the hell this isn't Seattle??

Been a little irritated lately....Rain most of the weekend and poured yesterday. Helped my friend and fellow nut with the movers yesterday, still trying to get the car issue finished and into my little hands, have been busy cleaning the crap out of the house we aren't moving with us and am slowly going insane because the move doesn't seem to be coming fast enough but is almost upon us. The charting of my girl stuff isn't going well either and I am truly missing my favourite release at the moment -

Came to work this morning wearing long sleeves and a CBGB's jumper! It was only 10 celcius. This does not help my mood one tiny friggin' bit. I am just frustrated here. According to an OPK kit, I was in the zone Tuesday or Wednessday. Then just as the chart suggested I had a temp spike (98.5), but it crashed the very next day and has been slowly climbing back up ( 97.7, 97.9, 98.1). This is my first month charting, with a digital thermometer from AAFES. I know my tubes are clear we took care of that back in March. According to the baby doc, he sees nothing wrong so far but this was before I started charting. Am I normal or is there a problem? Or am I just a real idiot and psyching myself into this mess?

I hate to say it but I am leaning towards number two on the stupid questions list here. I just want to set this up when I want to be pregnant. Damn, I spent my whole sex life avoiding trying to get pregant and now that I want to, it is becoming ever so elusive. Yes I know a watched pot never boils, but I thought if maybe I had the science to focus on (anal retentive here), it would allow me to obsess in a somewhat healthy manner.

So who wants to go three rounds with me? I really need to beat the crap out of something so I suggest you send me Chuck Norris to spar with.


BarnGoddess said...

ummmm, I dont want to spar, I followed you from cowgirls blogger.If I knew Chuck's phone numbre Id ring him up for you tho. I am sending you some warm Oklahoma sunshine and warmer temperatures.Have a good tuesday,

sher said...

ok.... I have some advice in the baby department that might be unwanted and even sound a little bit insane. But, I am going to tell you to start eating lots of sweet potatoes. It doesn't matter how you prepare them, just eat them! I am the mother of 5... so humor me. Crazy advice is sometimes the

Cowgirl said...

Barngoddess beat me here! Thanks for visiting, and the link.

I'm still in the not wanting to be preggers boat, so all I can say is good luck. Sometimes things happen when you stop trying so hard.

dyzgoneby said...

I too will pass on sparing, but if your up for the range I will go with ya. LOL

As for the baby, it will come, I promise. Keep enjoying the practice sessions.