Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Joys of PCS

Ahhh PCS season, the time of year when you lose your hair, learn new swear words in another language and get that general feeling of sadness, angst and elation of moving some where else.

Monday: Call the husband on the drive home – “Honey I think we have a problem.” “Oh?” he says. “Yes dear, well ummm the lemon’s engine sounds like I’ve taken a pair of your combat boots and thrown them into the washer.” “Crap, are you sure?” he asks. “Well not to be a smart arse but yes I’m pretty frickin’ sure. You drive this damn thing to work tomorrow okay?” “Yeah okay, no wait I’ll get a rental and then I will junk the lemon tomorrow. A new engine will cost us more than the car is actually worth.” Now we are in a rental car with 58 days left in the country.

Tuesday: Up until midnight finishing a paper. The rental car mess the day before kept me away from the PC Monday night

Wednesday: Spent the day going from place to place setting up our PCS. Can’t set up a date to ship our car until we physically have our car and register it, then we can call them to take care of the appointment. Will have to pay extra for bubble wrap on our schrank if we don’t want it tore up, they only get reimbursed up to a certain amount and we would have to shell out the rest. Flying home will be in cattle car, with a layover in DFW. First class or business tickets were $4K EACH. Non-stop flights to SFO in economy were $3.5K each. Needless to say our thought of our last “hurray” and flying home on first class went out the window. Oh and can’t find a wine shipper so we may have to have a wine party soon and send everyone home with a bottle! Then there’s Simon who says he can’t find out car. Yes, that’s right they don’t know where it is at the moment. We have to come back today (Friday) and see if they have found it. We are telling him if we don’t own it by the 22nd, he can keep it. I asked if we could also tell him to shove it but I am not allowed.

Thursday: I sprained something in my back carrying employee personnel files that were too heavy.

Friday: Alas, we are not pregnant this month either. Will try again this time around.

And I haven’t been around because why? Have a good weekend, I am drinking some of our wine to thin the herd!


dyzgoneby said...

Keep your head up and relax. PCS is almost upon you, take sometime for you.

Cole said...

PCS? Help a girl out here???

Karen said...

Shouldn't the Army be paying for your tickets to PCS? They flew us straight into this rinky dink airport like 5 miles from our new duty station. I'm sure it cost them a pretty penny! But it was commercial and not out of my pocket so who cares, right?

Transportation should be able to give you the name of a wine shipper. At our brief to leave Germany they said if anyone needed the name of one, they had them.

Good luck. PCS'ing is never fun.

Household6 said...

No Karen they will only reimburse us for what it would cost to go to our next duty station which is Kansas. Since we are flying to see the family and friends first in CA, the spouse does a voucher and gets reimbursed for the going rate from Germany to Kansas.

As for the wine shipper, nope. Transportation would not give us a name. We've already asked. They said you have to find one yourself, but that if we turn in the paperwork we will be reimbursed up to a certain dollar amount based on weight.