Monday, May 15, 2006

10th Mountain Soldiers

NEWS RELEASES from the United States Department of DefenseNo. 424-06

IMMEDIATE RELEASEMay 10, 2006 Media Contact: Army Public Affairs - (703) 692-2000Public/Industry(703)428-0711

DoD Identifies Army CasualtiesThe Department of Defense announced today the death of 10soldiers who were supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. They died east ofAbad, Afghanistan, in the Kunar province, on May 5, when their CH-47 Chinookhelicopter crashed during combat operations.

Killed were:Lt. Col. Joseph J. Fenty, 41, of Fla.
Chief Warrant Officer 3 Eric W. Totten, 34, of Texas.
Chief Warrant Officer 2 Christopher B. Donaldson, 28, of Ill.
Staff Sgt. Christopher T. Howick, 34, of Hamburg, N.Y.
Sgt. Bryan A. Brewster, 24, of Fontana, Calif.
Sgt. John C. Griffith, 33, of Las Vegas, Nev.
Sgt. Jeffery S. Wiekamp, 23, of Utopia, Texas.
Spc. Justin L. O'Donohoe, 27, of San Diego, Calif.
Spc. David N. Timmons Jr., 23, of Lewisville, N.C.
Pfc. Brian M. Moquin Jr., 19, of Worcester, Mass.

All those killed were assigned to the 10th Mountain Division(Light Infantry), Fort Drum N.Y. Fenty, O'Donohoe, Timmons and Moquin were part of the 71st Cavalry Regiment. Totten, Donaldson, Howick, Brewster,Griffith, and Wiekamp were part of the 3rd Battalion, 10th Aviation Regiment.

This incident is under investigation.

For further information related to this release, contact Army Public Affairsat (703) 692-2000.
This saddens me greatly. These were the folks that replaced my husband's unit. Sadly, this is the time a of year for crummy weather, for sandstorms. My spouse reflected last night that this time last year was another large accident. I niavely asked why they fly in bad weather, he told me because mission must go on, because somebody out there may have needed what was on that chinook. I grumble at that thought, I know mission is important but at what cost does mission outweigh lives? Isn't that the point, that mission is supposed to save them instead?

Sorry soapbox and distressing philosophy are being put away now.


julie anna said...

Makes me sad too. I wish all of this could just be over.

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dyzgoneby said...

I agree with julie anna, I can't wait for this all to be over.