Thursday, April 27, 2006

Someone Borrowed

Let me tell you about a new book written by a Military Spouse here in Germany. Its called Someone Borrowed. Here's a little excerpt from her book:

Melody pressed the mare harder, urged her beyond her limits without daring to look back. She knew he was there, close behind now. She heard the thunder of his approach, sensed him reaching out to grab her.
Melody veered sharply.

The mare turned a fetlock and screamed as she buckled, throwing her rider. The ground rushed to meet the woman who landed in a painful heap, gasping for air. Her husband reined his mount, leaped from the saddle. Melody tried to crawl, tried to scurry away. He was on her.

“Why?” he raged as his hands dug into her shoulders. He shook her, oblivious to her struggle. She pulled and pulled on air but it wouldn’t come, and her husband shook her, railed at her.

“Why? Why did you do it?” He slammed her into the ground and didn’t notice the terrain until it was too late. The mare’s cries muffled the sickening crack of bone on stone. She was limp in his arms.

After years as his prisoner, at last Melody was free.
(Reproduced by permission, Copyright Terri Long 2006)

The book is a bit like a soap opera and per the author it contains some adult material. It's only 9 bucks and some change. So why don't you give it a try and support a budding author & Military Spouse.


julie anna said...

Do you know of any good fiction books ABOUT military spouses? I have such a hard time finding those, yet would love to read them.

Household6 said...

Her first book was about a military spouse but umm well is a consipiracy book about the vatican and focuses only a small portion on the fact that she is a mil spouse. It's called Helen's Garden and you can get it at Amazon.