Thursday, April 20, 2006

Casey's Headstone

Well at least I am not asleep while Blackfive brought this up to the forefront. Looks like Casey Sheehan's Dad is going to finally take care of providing Casey with a proper headstone. Cindy's full whine about how we are all evil for being a little perturbed about her not taking proper care of her son's grave is here.

I can understand the first year of being in denial and not placing a headstone and with most folks I would have some faith that she's really grief stricken - but then there's this little ditty from Vanity Fair:

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Again this goes back the problem I have with Cindy marketing herself & extended her Warhol 15 minutes of fame off of the death of her son. She should focus on Casey for a moment not just on how the media will cover it.

We will be in NorCal this summer, Vacaville isn't so far away. Cindy since you asked, I will make the effort to pay my respects to Casey - Without a headstone, I might need a map though.

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