Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It all comes in fours

Yes dear, this is much better than fighting with the Patient Rep. I was tagged by American in Italy
in a 4 thingie, dingie…

Four jobs I have had:

1. A Waitress (and I was pretty good at it)
2. A collections agent (it lasted 3 months, I hated every minute of it)
3. A loss prevention officer for JC Pennys ( I made an arrest too!)
4. A member of the Human Resource Community (Still am)

Four movies I could watch over and over:

1. Better off Dead – Lane’s mom is my mom down to the improvising on the food because the pages got stuck together.
2. Gross Point Blank – I am in lust with John Cusack and the fight scene he does with Benny the Jet in the high school rocks! Check out the height on that round house kick!!!
3. Monter’s Inc – “KITTY!”
4. Miracle on 34th Street

Four places I have lived:

1. The East Bay, CA – The Rents rock most days
2. Hayward, CA (sucky roommates – did you know mold can be pink?)
3. Ft Hood, TX – Employment opportunities were nil
4. Ft Lee, VA – Loved it, loved the job, loved the place, loved it all

Four TV shows I watch:

1. Charmed – Its about San Francisco, it’s a great glimps of home
2. Buffy – I was an avid Buffy fan
3. CSI – Las Vegas, I so want to go back to school yet again and become a forensic scientist
4. ER – I still watch it even though I am not even sure how far behind we are over here.

Four places I visited while on vacation:
1. Block Island, RI
2. Vatican City, Italy
3. Madrid, Spain
4. Cairo, Egypt

Four websites I visit Daily:
Well since my PC was invaded by my boss while I was out enjoying R&R, I don’t visit much anymore! I have dial up at home and it takes for ever….poopy ass boss lady just looking for trouble (ha, ha couldn’t find a damn thing either!)

1. (I check my emails from work)

Sadly, that’s about all I can get to!

Four Favourite foods:
1. Sushi – I will be so sad when I am pregnant and can’t have most of it
2. Pizza – There’s the great place in Berkeley called Zachary’s. They make deep dish pizza and I love it
3. I miss In & Out so I will just say their whole menu
4. La Ulitmas – Best Mexican food! Its in Danville, CA and Walnut Creek, CA – Yum! (And can you tell I miss home right now??)

Four places I’d rather be:

1. Not in this damn cold weather!
2. Cuddled up in bed with the hubby so I can complain that it’s too damn hot!
3. Spain, Portugal, Canary Islands – anywhere warm and with sun
4. Retired and at our desired home place of Virginia

I won’t tag anyone as I have stated before, that someone complained. I did enjoy the momentary distraction though.


Lauren said...

No need for apologies, honest! It just thrills me that you visit, period. As for the tag, no need to tag me as I had so much fun reading, gonna try it myself tomorrow.
As a preview: My husband got me hooked on Buffy. I used to make fun of him, but have now eaten lots of crow pie. He owns all the series and I find myself watching them often. Guess I'll get to Charmed one of these days. Even he hasn't watched that one yet. I'm sure it's just a matter of time! ;-)

LorelieLong said...

Such a pity you're in Germany and not Italy. We could watch Monster's Inc and moan about how much we miss CA and In & Out together! lol

Cole said...

Hello from the Sunshine Well, I will make sure to eat enough Mexican food for all. Not to mention, lay around in a tee shirt and watch all your favorate shows.

I miss you... Come home! That is an order!

CaliValleyGirl said...

I woke up this morning thinking it was kinda nippy in my apartment...I was right, heating pooped out over night. Wow...what great timing, in the coldest week we have had in the last year...

Can't wait to snuggle under the bed covers with my man either...sigh!

And CSI....I want to be in the middle of a Grisom and Nick Stokes sandwich...;-)

julie anna said...

Fellow Charmed and Buffy fan here :) I enjoy your blog!

Household6 said...

CVG - I thought I was the only "young" girl to have the hots for Grisom!!!

Sorry about the heater! I am getting low on oil so I keep panicing about keeping the heat low and using electric heaters in the room I am in.