Monday, January 09, 2006

Alphabet Soup

Last time I checked OB/GYN usually meant a department that could handle both services. I called Tricare today to start working on my appointment for off post to have another exam done. While talking to the Tricare rep I said the whole phrase not just OB and asked for a specific doctor. As she was attempting to rush me off the phone I asked if I could see a specific doctor was told he's not taking anymore patients at this time. Okay no problem, I can live with that.

Again she tries to push me off the phone and I asked if they would call me before making the appointment so that it doesn't happen during my period, making the PAP pointless. "What, wait you said OB. OB is for pregnant if you are having your period you are not pregnant." Even with the Ma'am I could hardly keep for getting smart with her. "Ma'am, if you'd listen and let me finish I said I was turned away from OB/GYN, they are a whole department. I am quite aware of what pregnant is, OB and GYN. This is a gynocological problem, but in the states many of the doctors fall under the category OB/GYN. Meaning they deal with not only with pregnancy but gynocological issues as well." Silence on the other end, then "oh okay, the rep will call you some time tomorrow to make the appointment." I told her thanks and to have a nice day. She didn't even ask for a SSN, but hopefully (if she spelled my last name right) they can do a name look up.

I was probably a little more snarky than was actually warranted, but I didn't enjoy being talked down to, that's one of the most irritating things in the universe. So hopefully I can get an appointment soon.

On a side note - I have not heard a thing back from the Patient Rep about where to complain or make my complaint known about OB/GYN denying my right to a second opinion. My only other alternative I can get from anyone is to file an ICE complaint. So I will have to formulate a complaint there if I can fit in into the word limits it has.

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