Monday, October 31, 2005

To the bat cave Bella!

This weather has been reeking havoc on me, I could not make it to work today because of a horrid sinus headache. I woke up with the feeling that Babar's ballerina cousin was doing a pirouette on my right side of my head. I called into the boss barely awake and feeling like garbage. I took the dog potty and crawled back into my darkened bedroom and slept like the dead.

I finally woke around noon, showered and dried my hair. The hot, hot shower helped a little bit along with another dose of Ranger Candy - AKA 800mg of Motrin. I went to the bank to pay the rent and to set up an automatic payment. Now I know why the husband never did it. They wanted more info than I had and didn't care at all that I didn't have it. I tried to call the landlord who had closed early because of All Saints day the next day. That didn't work so I left and try it again later. My klutz of a day continued with me dropping, crushing and spilling my milk shake all over my pants leg. Then later in the evening I spilled the container of gnocchi all over the floor, and attempted to beat that dog at picking them up before she could. I have never seen a dog move so fast in my life. I lost about 6 of them to her Hoover ability. The last of my klutz fits was me swirling the sauce all over the counter top.

I should have stayed in the bat cave! Asi es vida, no?

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LorelieLong said...

Some days you really need to just stay in bed with a good novel and a comfy quilt.