Thursday, October 27, 2005

Not just a number

As the MSM & Moonbat (thanks to the Girl) tries to turn the death of 2,000 Service Members into some kind of stastical brick in the wall, I am reminded of the cost of war is not just the numbers, of those that have fallen but the effects on the living as well.

Sgt Z struggles with losing his humanity and the ability to see the humanity of his fellow man. He worries some about how he may deal with others once his time in Iraq is over. He's not sure that anyone can really understand what he has seen, done or been through - he just wants to be "normal again" if there really is such a thing.

Infantry Wife writes about the loss of a Widow. After several months of dealing with the loss of her husband in Iraq, the stress and the strain became too much for her and she took her life. Words can not even begin to describe how I upset I am over this – what a shameful loss of life, it’s just so sad to read about her pain and grief.

So let us remember that death is not just a number, not just a statistic to be used to further the cause or to be used as a weapon to hurtle at the current administration. The loss of life, the loss of those that have fallen are brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, daughters and sons – they are people damn it, living breathing people who had the courage, the strength and the pride in serving in the military of this nation and who were the ones that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

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