Friday, October 21, 2005

D'here's a rat in me kitchen, what I'm a gonna do....

...I’m gonna fix that rat!

In my 33 (almost 34) years of life I have learned that when you do talk crap or complain about management you be selective with whom you talk with. The less people you involve the less people you have to gentle question about who opened their big fat mouth in order to find the leak. Being a fairly smart girl when complaining about the issues the troll gives me, I only spoke to three people: The Lead (who will send me up a creek without a paddle), the co-worker (who complained with me) & the person I asked to put in a good word for me.

Yesterday morning I came to work and was smacked in the face with some issues that ticked the troll off. I was chastised for talking to the "good word" girl & a division chief for showing interest in participating in career enhancing duties. That I won’t be sorry for nor will I back down that I did not do a damn thing wrong on that. Networking and showing interest in things like new duties or special projects is not something to be sorry for regardless of how you may think you were backdoored because of it.

The other issue was or could be considered a little on the backdoor side. I had also asked the "good word" girl if she knew about the makeup/structure of a class I was going to where the troll told me that only senior members could go the first day. Okay so I was a little wicked on this, but if you don't trust your boss most people would have done the same thing. So I apologized on this issue and this issue alone.

Well besides me telling her to her face that I don't trust her and she’s unfair (provided samples), I told her that she needed to open her eyes and see that these 2 faults she keeps claiming I have don’t frickin' exist anymore. I asked for examples of where they still existed and she only listed one mistake that was a click box error. Out of a whole year one mistake, (roll eyes) that's all she could find. Where I sat there and provided example after example where these previous faults had been remidied quite well.

To get back to the rat here, while being utterly pissed off that I was called to carpet for two stupid things and one semi-valid issue I realized that only two people knew of all three events – The Co-worker & that Benedict Arnold of a Lead. "Et tu Brute?" After all this crap about how she has to be confidential because of her employee relations experience she sold me out. After all the help I offered her on personal issues, I was bent over a barrel and take guess what happened next.

So this wedge of cheese will not be gnawed on by the rat again that’s for bloody sure! Below the radar is where I will stay. As for the troll she said she wanted to see my accomplishments before deciding my final appraisal score. Apparently she didn't know that I had spent as much time as I did training five other people this year on various projects. So with a little help from someone outside the office, my accomplishments will be so kick ass that everyone else can just drop dead.

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