Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A noble quest

I've read Sarah at Trying to Gork for a while now. She is also a military spouse who's husband is stationed in Germany. We've got some things in common like laughing at having a college degree but having the hardest time finding work that allows you to use what you've learned. I don't comment much on her site, but she usually has some interesting articles and links to current public affairs.

Today she posted about a blogger's quest to retrieve something quite near and dear to them. The entry spoke about a family's desire to go and remove one of the white crosses at Camp Casey with their brother's name on it. Camp Casey and Ms. S did not ask permission to use their names and the family wanted it removed. The Sheriff at Crawford has really done a great job at keeping the peace and respecting both sides.

The blogger Sarah linked to has some other interesting reads. I haven't read all of the site but I did notice a disturbing image - so be forewarned that I like this articel but can't comment on any others by that blogger.

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