Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hi my name is Bella...and I am a boozehound

Today was a strange day. I came home from work and noticed a few things out of place in my home. The cleaning lady came today but my bedroom wasn’t vacuumed very well. I figured no big deal I will just vacuum where they missed.

After heading downstairs I notice that this little tea set it jutting out from the cubbyhole it’s sitting in. I used my toes and attempted to push it back but it wouldn’t move. So squatting down I take a look and small bottle of plumwine is shoved in there and it’s empty. I go to where the bottle was placed on Sunday/Monday and a bottle of Soju is missing too. I thought the empty bottle was weird but the missing not so much as the cleaning lady likes to rearrange things to make the room appear more tidy.

I called the lady who recommended her and asked if she let them drink or take liquor home. I explained why and she said she thought some things were odd at her home but wanted to physically look and make sure she wasn’t wrong. I called Miss C. and she was stunned. She wanted to come over so she could look around. We talked for a bit, I showed her around, the stuff and we both just sat there and thought. We worked through possibilities aloud and tossing aside those that didn’t apply.

I know from gut instinct that she did not do it herself. She was too visibly upset and extremely concerned at resolving the issue. So as part of our solutions I am going call the landlord and make sure no workmen came over today and she is going to talk to the other woman that helps her. If that doesn’t come to anything then I will have the landlord change the locks and Miss C will have to pick up the key each time.

I feel crushed having to even ask Miss C what might have happened. She looked so upset and was so very concerned. It hurts just thinking about this woman’s angst. She stated quite clearly that she knows that any mistake could cost her all of her clients. She even tests her assistants to make sure they are truly honest. Since her references are all word of mouth she as a great reputation. That’s why I chose her. She is so highly recommended & there was nothing in her mannerisms that lead me to believe that she would have taken the liquor.

What I am hoping is that the other lady dropped it and it cracked or tried it and didn’t like it but since she didn’t ask permission tried to hide it and get it next week. I mean everything and I mean EVERYTHING else in the house that has a much greater value is still here, it doesn’t make sense to take two small bottles of liquor and not the more expensive items. If you were planning on stealing and losing your job would you really take something so small in value and cost? Why risk getting fired over a bottle of liquor? I think I’d rather take all the expensive stuff if I was going to risk being fired.

There has to be a simple solution to this and hopefully between the two of us we will find it. Hopefully Bella isn't secretly drinking on the job while guarding the house - LOL.

Bless Miss C., she is kindhearted person and I am sure we will figure this all out.


Katy said...

no sympathy....some else cleans for you? Ihate you and will never come here again!!!lol;)

Katy said...

Man, maybe I should retype that entire comment. I am such a dumbass.

Household6 said...

Thanks Katy! I am saddened to never see you again. I am of course more concerned with the secret drinking problem of my dog! I wonder if they have a 12 step program for her?


LorelieLong said...

I kinda thought not having opposable thumbs would be a problem for a dog when they're maintaining a drinking habit? lol