Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Something Important

The last few days haven't been so great. There's just to many problems going on close to home. You read about the attacks, the accidents and such, and well it gets to me. I take a personal offense, no kick to the gut when something happens to someone I've met either via blog or otherwise. I got a letter today from the hubby and I thought I would share. It's old, it was post marked from a long time ago but just arrived. I've left out some things to keep it vague and keep things "safe" if there is such a thing.


Here's what I couldn't tell you over the phone. Do you remember how disappointed I was when I didn't get the job I interviewed for? But, I said that it was because I was meant to deploy, I was meant to do something that would be important to someone. Well, I did something yesterday.

One of our small bases had been attacked repeatedly over the last few days. The guys on this base help those that fight the ground war and their ammo supplies were low. If there's no ammo they can't support who they are there for. This situation became critical, they needed their ammo.

Myself & another guy I work with made the arrangements to get what they needed. Unfortunately this mission wasn't going to complete during my shift, so I had to pass it off to the new guy. As I left to go to the chow hall, something in my gut told me that there might be a problem. As I ate my dinner and my feeling of dread grew.

Returning to work I found out that in only 45 minutes time the new shift had screwed the mission. It took another 20 minutes to fix it and we just finished right before the transportation was set to leave. I waited around to ensure that the ammo arrived.

Later on the same day they were attacked again, but were able to repel and counter attack the insurgents using the ammo drop I set up. I earned my pay today; our guys took no casualties.

I'm glad when things go well, when it either never gets violent or that it ends peacefully without injury. I'm glad he was able to help someone else who needed his help. I'm glad the soldiers got what they needed. I just wish there were more days like these.

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