Friday, April 01, 2005

Green Eyed Monster

Open my email at work and see a new email with T's email address for down range. Oh cool I think to myself if T has it then I guess the Hubby will too! So I quickly email my spouse and hope he gets a chance to respond.

A week later I finally get a call - Sorry honey no I don't have access to an unclassified email address. I can get to your email but only after going to another building down the way and borrowing someone elses computer. I am crestfallen........This blows! What was it that Bart Simpson said? "I didn't think it was physically possible yet this sucks and blows."

How come all these other spouses get to send emails, IM chat and send photos back and forth to their spouse and I get jack crap? It had to be my spouse that ends up in a secure building and can't do a dam thing about it. BUGGAR!

With perspective of course there are guys that have it much worse than me or my spouse. There are those that never get to email and have to send stuff out via snail mail all the time. So it just makes hearing from him that much more fun because it won't be often. Yeah, yeah I know don't sound so calm, it still sucks but I really could have it much worse. There are folks is such a bad place where there is no communication so I will keep the "whine" with the cheese.

Damn, wallys!

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